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Don’t Worry - You Can, and WILL Survive This Divorce and be Happy Once More in Weeks, not Years!

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From: Kyle Morrison

Re: Men After Divorce

Friday 26th May 2011

Dear Friend,

I know how bad you must feel right now. The anger, the pain, the sadness, the feelings of uselessness and emasculation, and if you have kids, the pain of being separated from them while having the world look down at you like you are a bad father and husband - no matter what the truth of the matter is!

This is life after divorce for men like us. I also know just how little help there seems to be in this situation as well. Even your closest friends can be of no emotional help and might even appear distant and loathe to engage you on these issues. Sometimes your entire friend network can be ripped asunder by the divorce as well making these limited points of social contact much more difficult to obtain!

No matter what people might think - it is tough, it aggravating, and it is depressing!

Even worse than that are the frightening statistics and facts about divorced men such as:

x Three fold increase in the number of suicides amongst divorced men
x Increased risk of anxiety disorders and panic attacks
x Massive increase in cases of clinical depression
x Loss of purpose on life
x Trouble reconnecting with life and happiness.
x Poor performance at work leading to reduces career advancement
x Recurring bad thoughts and memories that stifle your days.
x Incredibly low self esteem and sense of self worth
x Trouble trusting and finding love again.
x Feeling like less of a man - emasculation
x Incredible financial stress bordering on poverty

Perhaps Some of These Seem Familiar to You?

Now listen, I don’t bring these things up to further depress you or make you feel bad in any way, but I did want to make sure I understand your plight because I have been there too and I have researched it myself.

The other reason is to make sure you know what you could be leaving behind. Not your marriage of course – all the fallout from the divorce I mean. At this stage you might be struggling to live day to day and just want to feel a little better than the day before.

Most men end up slowly recovering to a point where they are functional again, but have simply learned to live with regret and develop a certain bitter resentment that bubbles below the surface. You know what – I don’t want this to happen to you!

I Want You to Dare to Dream a Little!

That’s right - dream. Think well beyond the misery of today and what you really want out of life!

Now I know what you might be thinking. “Sounds great – but I can hardly cope with today and dealing with the hassles of tomorrow – how can I look beyond that now?!” or maybe you are stuck at “All I want is my wife and family back to the way it was!”

Common thoughts - ones I have experienced myself in fact. I know first hand that it is hard, but it CAN be done and the benefits are enormous!

Imagine this:

1 Being able to be happy once again, every day
1 Being independent and not dependant on a partner
1 Being able to love and trust women once more
1 Knowing you are a good father and doing the right thing by your children
1 Freeing yourself of anxiety and panic
1 Freeing yourself of anger and lingering resentment
1 Feeling full of self worth and free of low self esteem
1 Being in total control of your finances
1 Having control of your own destiny!

Is This What You Want in Your Life?

If so, I want to help you achieve these things, and I want to help by giving you access to the information that will guide you on this journey because from years of suffering, experience and self searching, combined with months of research into the psychological reasons why we suffer so much as men after divorce - I have compiled what you need to know to thrive after divorce not just survive


Men After Divorce - The Complete Guide for Post Divorce Recovery

surviving life after divorce for men

The most comprehensive and revolutionary guide to completely overcoming the deep psychological causes of emotional anguish in men after divorce, along with practical advice for men recovering from divorce, and how to get on with life afterwards!

I know what you are thinking – “This sounds too good to be true” – and a few years ago I might have agreed with you too! So let me cut to the chase …

Before I released this book on this site I offered it for free to just 100 guys who found their way to my site, desperately looking for some help and advice, so they could cope with pos-divorce life.

I wanted to make sure this was not just me having some ego trip and wanted real, honest, brutal feedback – this is just some of the comments I received:

“Really Insightful”

divorce survivorI found your divorce recovery guide to be really insightful and helpful. It made me realise how I was causing so much misery to myself. This has stopped now, thank you.

Peter - New York

“Life changing”

post divorce life for menHi Kyle, Your guide really got me out of a dark place that I felt trapped in. Some of the advice you give has been life changing, I am so glad you wrote this because so much of it is right on the money.

Charles - Ontario

“Thank you”

Thank you for your excelent advise. Your book was like finding a sturdy rope to hang onto. I,m in the proccess of climbing out of this dreadfull hole.


This is Your Chance to Get Your Life Back!

I was excited that this E-Book was making a real difference in men’s lives and I want to be able to help you achieve similar results! Nothing inspires me more than hearing of men who found it hard to even get out of bed suddenly find the willpower and purpose to change their life for the better. Nothing is more important to me than making a real difference in helping men be happy once more.

Using the methods in this E-Book WILL get you through this rough patch in life and WILL enable you a full recovery from divorce WITHOUT the baggage that so many other men carry with them their entire lives.

Do you really want to be continually dragged down by bad memories, unresolved issues and deep emotional scars? Can you really handle more months and years of emotional turmoil and life draining depression?

Or do you want to live a happy, dynamic, new and exciting life with a bright future and a completely new take on what success, fatherhood and being a man is all about? Do you want the opportunity to reform your life and make it greater than it was before despite all of the problems from your divorce.


“Great to have a male view and support”

I think your book is a good starting point for guys in my position and it gives us some really good things to think about ... i currently am going to a counselor and my wife is not but i am doing it more for me and the future than anything else. I have been trying to read as much as i can find on the subject but most of the things written or talked about are geared for the women, so it is great to have a male view and support.


“Worked for me!”

Your e-book really worked for me! I was vry skeptical and thought I would be wasting my money. But it allowed me to see everythign including my ex-wife and my divorce and a lot of other things in a totally new light!

Ramesh - Indiana

Divorce is NOT The End of Your Story!

Divorce is the start of a whole new brighter chapter with you now tempered in the furnace of life and stronger for it. To help you adjust to your new life and achieve these things, these are some of the things that you will learn how to do

1 You will understand the brain mechanics that cause all your emotional pain.
1 You will know the exact phases of grief you will need to go through, and how to move through them with ease.
1 You will know powerful mental exercises to deal with painful memories, and learn how to use positive memories to propel you forward!
1 You will understand one of the most powerful actions you can possible take: Forgiveness - but it might not be what you think it is!
1 You will understand how to be happy no matter what happens to you in life!
1 And much more!

Imagine Your Life Being Happily Divorced

It sounds like a ridiculous concept right? Happily divorced, two words that seem cannot co-exist together and yet there are so many men who are happy with their new life after divorce; even if they went through hell to get there!

Imagine waking up each day positive, full of energy and ready for the day ahead. Imagine having children who are happy and yourself being a good father despite their parents split. Imagine having direction and purpose in life that can never be shaken. Imagine being free from destructive relationships.

Imagine being in control of your own destiny, your own mind, and your own emotions.

This is what you can do if you act now.

“Just in time”

Thank you for your timely help. I was close to breaking down from all this pressure and shit that life was throwing at me. I didn't want to be like my mates who had been divorced and i dont think i will after reading your book. This came just in time for me, thanks!

Callum - Newcastle

How to Get Started

Getting started on changing your post-divorce life with Men After Divorce - The Complete Guide for Post Divorce Recovery is very easy. The cost for this comprehensive guide is just $49.95 $37 - This price was reached by a survey of those 100 men who read the book and this seemed the most reasonable price to them.

Even though the the cost is very reasonable (The cost of a bottle of wine or a decent meal), here is what's really important.

If this was just a motivational booklet that might provide a brief moment of inspiration but offer no LASTING solutions to your dilemma, you would feel frustrated and ripped off no matter what the price was.

However, if you can feel a dramatic change in how you view the world and how you handle your emotional turmoil, what is that worth to you? If you can look back on your day and know that you have been a good man and a good father despite your situation, what is that worth to you? If you can wake up and see unlimited potential instead of a dead end every day ... and start achieving that potential! What is this really worth to you?

I believe that it is very hard to place a price tag on these things. I do believe however that compared to living through years of uncertainty, emasculation, depression, and low self esteem, spending a paltry $49.95 $37 could be the best decision you ever make.

So, to stop the soul crushing post-divorce troubles that plague you, the quickest and easiest way is to use a secure order for the digital download of this guide. You will get instant access to the complete E-Book which you can immediately download and and act upon right away now matter hat the time is right now!

100% GuaranteeLimited Time Offer!

If you are seeing this message then a limited time offer is still in place with the cost of this life changing guide being just $37. The cost of advertising on the internet is getting higher though so this will not last. Get you copy now and secure this bargain!

Not only this, but I am offing an IRON CLAD 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind our product 100%. Receive a NO questions asked, complete refund within 60 days if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase

I Want to Make This Guarantee Totally Clear

I have 100% confidence in my product so you can download this E-Book and you have a full 60 days to read it, implement it and be amazed by the results. In this time you can get a NO questions asked complete refund if you choose.

I am sure that once you start feeling empowered, happy, and free of post divorce depression you will not need to do this!

Order "Men After Divorce" Now!

Yes, I want to order this revolutionary guide and take back my life,
my happiness, and my manhood!

Sale Price $37

  • As this is an E-Book you will receive no physical product. To cut down on the expense of printing a book and to give the fastest delivery time you will get this guide as a PDF document which can be viewed from any computer with Adobe Acrobat installed.
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  • Your bank account will show CLKBNK*COM for the purchase and you will a confirmation email as well.

So remember, all you have to lose by getting this guide is the guilt, the bad memories, the low self esteem, and the general emotional turmoil of post divorce life.

You will gain all the advice and information that you need to end this cycle of self destruction and build a better, brighter future in just weeks and not YEARS like so many other men.

Not only this, but the same processes you learn in this guide will give you a framework on how to deal with any type of grief. It will also help you to maintain happiness and positive frames of mind no matter what life throws at you. All this at no risk & everything to gain!


All the Best,
Kyle Morrison

Please Feel Free To Comment and Ask Questions!

P.S. - Do not forget there is a 60 day money back guarantee that is enforced by clickbank and by myself!
P.P.S. -Remember that most men take years to get over their divorce without the proper help, this can shorten that time by a huge margin!
P.P.P.S. - The price of $37 will not last forever, additional costs of selling online are beginning to bite so get your copy today!