Helping Children Cope With Divorce – A New Initiative

Children are the often forgotten victims in a divorce. Even when they are acknowledged though, it is often extremely difficult to know how to help them understand while your own life is spiraling out of control.

If you have young ones and you are not sure how to help them, or you have been through this already and know the difficulty then I wanted to bring to your attention a nice little initiative that is being crowd-sourced.

Dr Leigh Weisz is a psychologist and the author behind a great childrens book about coping with divorce. Dr Weisz is now trying to get the funding to turn a simple picture book into an animated cartoon that will engage young kids even more so they can understand what is happening to their parents and how to cope.

I think this is a great idea so if you have just a little bit of spare cash and want to contribute then head over to their crowd-sourcing site and contribute!

Keep being great parents!

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